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Happy is the first cancer prevention app designed specifically for you.


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Health Awareness and Prevention Personalized for You

How does it work?

Happy uses your info and instant contextual data to tailor the contents provided to you

And sends tailored suggestions that will help you make healthier choices

In time, your habits will change and you will become healthier and... Happy!


Main features

Tailored suggestions

Follow Happy’s suggestions and become a healthier person


Happyscore is your level of cancer prevention on a scale from 0 to 150. The higher it gets, the better it is! What is your happyscore?

Behavior tracking

Monitor your behavior with real-time feedback on your changes


Take on the healthy challenges suggested by Happy. How many can you do?

Social sharing

Connect with your friends and share your results. Who has the highest happyscore?


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About the authors

Nuno Ribeiro

Nuno Ribeiro holds a PhD in Multimedia in Education from University of Aveiro and a Masters in Biology Education from University of Porto. He has participated in numerous projects, ranging from science communication to cancer prevention and developed educational software, hands-on activities, teacher training courses, teaching manuals, and short documentaries. He is currently a postdoc researcher at Ipatimup/i3S – university of Porto, and a collaborator at the Digital Media and Interaction Research Centre (DigiMedia) – University of Aveiro. His current research focuses on the implementation of cancer prevention strategies in young populations with an increasing emphasis on multimedia and interactive tools.

Filipe Santos Silva

Filipe Santos Silva holds a PhD in Human Biology and a Masters in Oncobiology from University of Porto. Leads the Public Awareness of Cancer Unit at Ipatimup and coordinates the Communication Unit at i3S. Academic affiliations include the Faculty of Medicine – University of Porto and the Buffett Cancer Center - University of Nebraska. Currently coordinates an innovative program of cancer prevention education in Portugal and USA.

Ana Margarida Almeida

Ana Margarida Almeida holds a PhD in Communication Sciences and Technologies and has been developing research activities related to ‘ICT and special needs, ‘digital inclusion’, ‘media for all’, ‘communication and health’ and ‘health education/promotion through ICT´. She is an Assistant Professor and lectures in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses (‘New Communication Technologies degree’, ‘Multimedia Communications Master’, ‘Multimedia and Education PhD Program’ and ‘Information and Communication in Digital Platforms PhD Program”). She has developed several supervising activities of MSc and PhD students, highly related to her main research interests and she has been involved in different research projects and scientific initiatives.

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